Harvest at twineworks

Oops. Where did August go?

My attempt to do a regular blog has ground to a halt over the summer. Luckily the flax has been doing the exact opposite and has been busy growing away ten to the dozen. Two of the plots in West Coker were over my waist and and most other peoples patches seem to have produced a very good crop too.


I went down to pull some the last weekend of August at Dawes Twineworks. It was their monthly open day as there were quite a few people there it turned into a nicely communal harvest. Thunder was rumbling around but the sun shone as we pulled a lot of stooks. All hanging in the rope walk to dry. There is one patch waiting to be pulled in October.

After harvesting hang your flax “roots up” in a dry place for a few weeks.

If you are free on Sunday the 2nd October then bring it along to Dawes Twineworks in West Coker for the Flax Gathering. If you want to send it to me to be processed along with the Coker flax then get in touch with me for a postal address.





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