Month: July 2016

First flower!

First flax flowers (& raspberries) on the allotment. Woop!

The plants in the background were sown a few weeks after so are still catching up. I was also┬ávery excited to see a couple of other patches on the site. Not sure who the owners are, I’ll have to find out somehow – maybe I’ll leave them notes if I don’t see them about.

Many thanks to those of you sending in photo updates of your flax, I’ve posted some below. A couple of people are asking how to harvest the flax. Two or three weeks after all the flowers are over the plants will start to turn yellow. You then grab the stalks and pull them up from the soil, roots intact. Tie them up in a bundle (also called a stook) and store in a dry place until you are ready to┬áprocess.

Details of harvest event in West Coker to be confirmed soon.